Dubbing and Sound Services

Dubbing and Voice Over:

This field is why Neo Productions started in the first place and the whole process has become our specialty. Starting from translation, adaptation, casting, recording, editing, mixing and writing titles or credits.

Whether its English, Arabic (Classical or Colloquial) or French or any other language. We have two available studios available for dubbing 24/7 with all the equipment needed not only for dubbing but also for music, recording and sound designing.

The dubbing genre includes live action, animation, compilations, live shows, features, documentaries, promos, interactive games, bonus materials, trailers, corporate videos and vocals for TV/DVD/HV and theatrical release.

Our dubbing quality makes it impossible to recognize the difference between the original languages and the dubbed version, not only because we can get the perfect voice match for the original voice but we can also match the lip-synch perfectly.

Sound Design:

Having our own sound studios with the best equipment and our team of the best sound engineers enables us to be one of the best studios offering sound design including “mixing-editing-creating Music and effects”.

Adaptation vs Translation:

We have our team of adaptation translators and lyricists who can translate from/to several languages “English-French-Arabic”. Our team ADAPT to arabic ! This is what we provide no literal translation but rather an adaptation in arabic of the theme or sitation on screen.

We can also create your script from scratch or write vocals as our team of writers and not just translators but rather creatives! Checkout our Kids Programming for some of our original work.


We provide an enabling environment for Assistant Directors, dubbing directors, productions managers, translators and sound engineers to develop their skills and receive training techniques through attending studios and learning through practical (virtual) work not only theoretically.

If you have a talent and would like to try out your voice or any of the above services APPLY NOW!


Neo offers production services at any stage, pre production – production or post production to local and international clients.

Since the end of 2009 Neo has been a strong affiliate of animation advertising producing most of their tv commercials or documentaries etc.

Our wide network of directors, writers and creatives can provide an creative service required or even take an already existing concept to a different level all together.

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