We produce TV programs - TV commercials - kids programming and we provide production services for shooting in egypt.
We started with dubbing where we were able to grasp the attention of huge international co-operation and worked in many major projects involving some of our local cinema super star like Muhammad Hendi, Hanan Turk and Abla Kamel. This success in the dubbing field encouraged us to venture other fields such as production of radio commercials, TV commercials, video clips, TV programs, and our new department, neo kids with a small creative lab in which our team work 24/7 to develop child media. Lately our own audio, editing and animation studios have been launched to cater to our clients' needs in the best quality and ample time frame.
Latest Work
Ezz Steel
Universal-Washing Machine
  • TV Commvercials
    Since the end of 2009 Neo has been a strong affiliate of one of the leading adverstising agencies in egypt, producing many of their TV commercials.
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  • Kids Programming:
    A small creative lab in which our team works 24/7 to develop child media. We have produced hits of Al Jazeera Children's channel.
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  • Dubbing and Sound Services:
    Whether its English, Arabic (Classical or Colloquial) or French or any other language.
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  • Sound Design:
    Our own sound studios have the best equipment and team of sound engineers that make...
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  • Adaptation vs Translation:
    A team of adaptation translators and lyricists are available to translate from/to
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  • Training:
    We provide an enabling environment for assistant directors, dubbing directors,
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